MSc Human Rights Scholarship Programme 2009 for Israel and Palestine Students

MSc Human Rights Scholarship Programme 2009 for Israel and Palestine Students: New scholarship to promote human rights in Israel and Palestine/Occupied Territories

The Centre for the Study of Human Rights is delighted to announce the Sir Siegmund Warburg Scholarship available to students joining the MSc Human Rights programme in October 2009.

This new scholarship, which will be available every year from 2009, will offer Palestinian and Israeli students the opportunity to undertake full-time postgraduate human rights study at LSE.

The MSc Human Rights programme offers a concentrated, twelve-month engagement with human rights. The core course ‘Approaches to Human Rights’ provides students with an overview of the various philosophical, sociological and legal approaches to the subject. The core course is designed to give a strong intellectual underpinning to the MSc, which is then built on further through the choice of optional courses and dissertation subject which each student makes. More information about the MSc Human Rights is in the graduate prospectus.

The scholarship will cover the tuition fee (£13,992) and living expenses of £1000 per month (for up to 12 months). One scholarship will be awarded each year.

Welcoming the scholarship, the Director of the Centre of the Study of Human Rights at LSE Professor Conor Gearty, who also convenes the MSc programme, warmly thanked the anonymous funder whose generosity had made the scholarship available.

‘The academic study of human rights is not only about ideas and intellect, it is also about practice, about making a difference, and nowhere is this a more important goal than in the Middle East. I am very optimistic that over time the holders of this scholarship will make a real difference for the better in that troubled region.’

How to apply
Applicants interested in the scholarship must first make a formal application to LSE to the MSc Human Rights via the online LSE application form.

Eligible students (those resident in Israel, Palestine/ Occupied Territories or Palestinian camps in Syria, Jordan or Lebanon) may then apply for the Sir Siegmund Warburg Scholarship via the Financial Support Office at LSE. Applicants are required to submit a personal statement in which they should explain how they meet the criteria set out for the Scholarship and how they envisage putting their study programme to practical use.

The criteria
Applicants must be resident in Israel, Palestine/ Occupied Territories or in Palestinian camps in Syria, Jordan or Lebanon. They must be able to demonstrate both financial need and the potential to engage in, promote and set high standards for human rights work in the region.

Applications must be submitted to the Financial Support Office by Friday 24 April 2009. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by Friday 22 May 2009.

As scholarship applications can only be accepted by those who have already been offered a place on the MSc Human Rights, candidates are urged to apply to the MSc Human Rights as early as possible.

The Sir Siegmund Warburg Scholarship has been made possible by the generosity of an anonymous donor.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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