Scholarships in Wild Life Conservation 2009: Eric York Scholarship Fund

Eric York was an extraordinary wildlife biologist working for the National Park Service studying mountain lions at Grand Canyon National Park. In addition to his own research Eric consulted on several carnivore studies in the western United States. Eric specialized in research capture methods and techniques. He had captured and tagged 23 different species of carnivores (six of these being felids) for research. Over the last 15 years he has worked throughout the United States, in Chile, Nepal, and Pakistan. Eric passed away on November 2, 2007 of the pneumonic plague.

The Eric York Scholarship Fund was created in Eric’s memory by Felidae Conservation Fund to enable young biologists to pursue their passions and to carry on Eric’s important work. The scholarship is available to graduate students pursuing scientific research for wild cat conservation. Applications will be accepted starting on September 10th, 2008.

The Awards

Two single non-renewable awards are being offered: two $5,000 grants to fund the field research costs of a scientific research project directly relating to wild cat conservation.

How Recipients Will Be Chosen

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of 3-5 people appointed by the Felidae Conservation Fund Executive Director and the Board of Directors.


Graduate Student Applicants must:

* Be a student enrolled in an accredited College or University (in the U.S. or Internationally) during the 2008 - 2009 academic year. Graduate students (minimum 9 credits completed) are eligible. Both full and part time students are welcome to apply.
* Clearly demonstrate interest in enhancing our understanding of wild cat behavior and conservation, habitat needs, abundance, spatial and temporal distribution, as well as contribution(s) to advancing the public interest in such issues, as evidenced by both of the following:

1. A major field of study pertaining to wild cat conservation biology.

2. Participation in cooperative or independent research, environmental activities or work experience related to the above-mentioned discipline.

Recipient Responsibilities:

· Write a letter to Felidae Conservation Fund Board of Directors explaining how this scholarship assisted your professional / personal growth; and document how the funds were utilized.

· Have your “Profile” (an article about you and your studies/research etc. as it pertains to the wild cat species studied) published on the Felidae Conservation Fund website.

· Acknowledge Felidae Conservation Fund in any publication(s) or presentations that may result from research that the scholarship assisted in funding, and provide a copy of said article(s) to Felidae Conservation Fund.

· Recipients provide the Felidae Conservation Fund with quarterly updates on the project progress and status;

· Provide Felidae Conservation Fund with an electronic copy of their thesis or project paper based on their work upon completion of their degree program. In addition, the recipient may be asked to present their scholarship work in academic or other settings.

Felidae Conservation Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization aiming to protect all felidae species and their habitats globally by partnering in excellent science, driving international conservation, and sharing cutting edge education and outreach models.

For more information about Felidae Conservation Fund, please see www.felidaefund.org

Questions regarding the Eric York Scholarship should be addressed to: info@felidaefund.org.
Include in your application:

A. A completed application form (above), and a copy of your resume or CV

B. A research proposal (max 3 pages single spaced 12 pt. font). In your proposal please include the following: Submit project description and budget proposal with application:

1. A project description stating the background of the particular research question being addressed, the goals of your research, methodologies pertaining to your research, expected outcomes, and plans for how results will be disseminated.

2. A brief (1 paragraph) personal statement describing your career goals as they pertain to cat conservation issues.

3. A budget describing how the requested funds will be used.

C. 2 letters of reference; one from a sponsoring faculty member

Completed application materials must be received by 31 January 2009; please submit applications and have your letters of reference sent to: Felidae Conservation Fund, 116 Main Street, Tiburon, CA 94920 or e-mailed to info@felidaefund.org. Award announcements will be made in December 2008.

Download Application Form

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