Assistant Professor in Computer Systems Engineering - with Orientation Towards Complex Embedded Systems

This is a full-time position from September 1, 2009 to December 31, 2012 at the School of Information science, Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Traditional sensor systems (e.g., radar systems) were designed for one specific task. Increasingly, they are made adaptable to the needs of the situation. In the future, the systems will, from the very beginning, be designed for multi-functionality. The technologies that make this possible are, for example: sensor technology in the form of array antennas, reconfigurable computing hardware, and fast networks for internal communication. In future, multi-functional sensor systems, a large amount of resources need to be coordinated. It is a great challenge to coordinate these so that they are able to meet the demands from several concurrent applications, in a context of rapidly changing situations.

Halmstad University (HH) and Saab Microwave Systems (SMW) see the need for research and development in this area. HH therefore announces an assistant professorship (biträdande lektor) with an orientation towards Dynamic Resource Allocation in Complex embedded sensor and computer systems, with the purpose of conducting collaborative research in this field between university and industry; research that will contribute to the development of new products and services. The holders of the positions will also be teaching in this field.

We are looking for You with a research interest and research background in design and analysis of complex dynamic real-time systems for demanding applications, including systems where adaptivity is required. Your understanding of the system level and its connection to the application demands is important. It is also important that you have an innovative mind and ability to collaborate with industry.

The position is placed within the research programme CERES (Centre for Research on Embedded Systems) within the research environment EIS (Halmstad Embedded and Intelligent Systems Research) at Halmstad University. It is also connected to the Signal and Data Processing unit at Saab Microwave Systems in Gothenburg. The holder of the position will be spending time at both Halmstad University and Saab Microwave Systems, participate in joint projects and with researchers and engineers in both locations.

The EIS research environment has today about 20 % female co-workers and we are happy to increase this number.

To qualify for the position of assistant professor, the applicant must have successfully completed a PhD degree or a foreign degree which has been assessed as being the equivalent of the PhD degree. Primarily applicants who have defended their thesis within a five year period before the time of application come into consideration. Applicants who have submitted theses previously can also come into question if there are particular reasons why this has been the case. (HF 4 chapter 8a §).

Assessment Criteria:
In the assessment of the qualifications of lecturers, the specific level of achievement should constitute the primary qualification for employment. Over and above these criteria there is the level of administrative and other abilities which are of significance to the subject in addition to the work tasks which should be part of the employment. Furthermore assessment should be made as to the ability to develop and lead activities and staff at the university together with involvement in cooperative ventures with the wider community and the ability to disseminate information relating to research and developmental work (HF 4 chapter 15 §).

Scientific, pedagogical and administrative skills, with particular emphasis on the following: Scientific skills demonstrated through published, high quality research of relevance for the subject area of the employment. Experience of cooperation between industry and academia. Experience from research institutes/universities/industry research outside Sweden.

Career opportunities:
An assistant professor can be promoted to a permanent position as associate professor (universitetslektor) at the University. The positions also provide good opportunities for those who are interested in a career in the industry.

Salary level:
The salary is to be settled by negotiation. The application should include a statement of the salary level required by the candidate.

For further information please contact:
Professor Magnus Jonsson, head of school Magnus Larsson or alternatively union representatives Inger Wieslander ( SACO ) or Inger Hellström (Lärarförbundet). All can be reached by phone + 46 (0) 35 16 71 00.

The application should be sent, no later than 2009-08-31, to Högskolan i Halmstad, Registrator, Kristian IV:s väg 3, SE-302 50 HALMSTAD, Sweden, or by e-mail to: registrator@hh.se please state the ref no in your application.

All applications (three copies of each, if sent by ordinary mail) should comprise a CV with a list of publications, a description of previous research and other work experience, and a description of future research plans. The most important publications should be made easily available. Other documents, which the candidate wishes to refer to, as well as contact information to reference persons, are welcome.

Visit the original source http://www.hh.se/english


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