Netherland: PhD Scholarship on The Modern History of Southeast Asia

NIOD offers PhD Position on The Modern History of Southeast Asia. NIOD is a partner in the University-of-Leiden-based Encompass Program. The Encompass Research Agenda is highly relevant for the orientation of the PhD position.

Candidates are invited to reflect on the NIOD and the Encompass programs, and in particular on one of the three following topics:

- Media, communication and the Indonesian revolution
- Transitional justice in post-Second-World-War Southeast Asia
- Freedom fighters and their ‘return’ to society

Applicants are invited to submit an open proposal on an aspect of the history of Twentieth Century Southeast Asia that fits within the NIOD/CHGS research profile (see web site NIOD research program: http://www.niod.nl/)

The full-time salary is € 2.042 gross per month in the first year, increasing incrementally to € 2,612 in the fourth year (in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) of Dutch Universities), plus an 8% holiday allowance, an 8.3 % end-of-year allowance, and an extensive secondary benefits package.

More information about This Netherland PhD Position, copy and paste go the link below on your browser:


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