[Poland] Master, Phd, and Post-Doc Scholarships in Physics and Engineering

Scholarships are opened at University of Technology Wroclaw, Poland.
1st recruitment procedure, summer 2010

The project, to be carried out at the Institute of Physics, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland, has the following positions open for applications in its 1st recruitment round with the closure date on Friday, July 2nd, 2010:

- 4 positions for students with BSc or completed three years of studies in natural science or engineering
(scholarship 1000 PLN per month);
- 3 PhD positions for candidates holding MSc (or equivalent) in physics or technical physics
(scholarship 3000 PLN per month + 500 PLN to cover social insurance);
- 1 post-doc position for a young researcher holding a PhD in theoretical physics, granted not earlier than in 2006, with possible additional
2 year allowance for parental leave (scholarship 5000 PLN per month).

The students will be enrolled in the 2nd degree (Master) course in physics at the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology (taught in Polish or in English).

The PhD students will be enrolled in the 3rd degree (doctoral) studies at the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology.

The post-doc will be employed at the Institute of Physics (no teaching duties).

The positions can in principle be held over the duration of the project (till May 31st, 2014), limited by the changes in the academic status (student, PhD student) of the team member.

The recruitment procedure will be carried out by a selection committee composed of four professors of the Institute of Physics (including the project leader). A representative of the Foundation for Polish Science (the project funding agency) can take part in the procedure as an observer. The selection proceeds in two stages: evaluation of applications and interviews (in English). The committee may invite only a restricted number of candidates, selected according to the evaluation of their applications, to the interview stage. In the case of a candidate form abroad, the committee may agree to perform the interview in the form of a video-conference. In this case, the candidate is responsible for securing the appropriate technical means on his/her side.

The list of required documents and selection criteria are available as a PDF file here.

List of required documents:

1. The application stating the candidate's motivation and his/her particular interest in one of the proposed research topics (see the Research tasks tab);
2. CV containing the information on:
a) personal data,
b) education, professional and scientific degrees,
c) PhD and post-doctoral candidates: the current and past affiliations,
d) scientific interests,
e) international scholarships and fellowships and other international experience,
f) participation in schools and workshops,
g) post-doctoral candidates: participation in research grants and the candidate's role therein,
h) other academic and research activities (if applicable),
i) academic awards and distinctions,
j) students and PhD candidates: participation in research-related student activities (student conferences, student projects etc.),
k) postdoctoral candidates: summary of main scientific results obtained so far,
l) postdoctoral candidates: information about supervised Master projects (if applicable, depending on the country of origin);
3. List of publications and conference presentations;
4. Students and PhD candidates: preprints (or, preferably, references to open access repositories) of submitted papers and proofs of conference contributions if applicable (preprints of unpublished papers will be treated as confidential and will be deleted, destroyed or returned to the applicant after the conclusion of the recruitment process);
5. The diploma confirming the highest professional title or academic degree obtained so far or a document confirming completion
of 3 years of higher education;
6. A document stating the academic achievements, that is:
students: average grade obtained during the studies so far,
PhD candidates: the final grade obtained at graduation, including the average grade from taught subjects,
final examination grade and the grade obtained for the MSc thesis,
post-doctoral candidates: average grade from subjects taught during PhD studies (if applicable, depending on the country of origin),
the grade obtained in the PhD examination (if specified), distinction “cum laude” if achieved;
7. PhD and post-doctoral candidates:
letter of recommendation from the supervisor of the last professional or academic degree;
post-doctoral candidates can additionally include a letter from the head of the current research group;
students can optionally present a letter of recommendation from a supervisor of their BSc project or other
students' research project.
Important: The letter of recommendation should be sent (by email, fax or mail) directly to the project leader or attached in a sealed envelope (if the application is submitted by mail). The name(s) of the recommending person(s) should be stated in the application. Please arrange for the letter(s) to arrive before the deadline. We advice the applicant to inform the recommending person(s) about the importance and expected content of the recommendation letter, as follows from the selection criteria.

Photocopies or scanned copies of documents 5 and 6 will be accepted as part of the application but originals must be presented before the contract is signed.

The documents must be sent electronically (preferred), by fax or by mail to the project leader (see Contact tab).
Submissions set by mail must arrive before the deadline to be considered.
The response will be directed to the candidates by email.

Electronic submission:
All the documents must be submitted as a single compressed file (zip,bzip2,tar.gz,rar) by one of the following methods:

* By email to the project leader if the file size is lower than 5 MB;
* Using the web form for files up to 20 MB.

Recruitment time line:
Application deadline: July 2nd, 2010.
Pre-selection and invitation to the interview: July 7th, 2010.
Interviews: July 12th - 13th, 2010.
Final decision: July 15th, 2010.

For further information, please go to the scholarships link below:


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