[Worldwide] International Master in Tourism & Leisure

The School and companies network fund scholarships awarded as a partial exemption from Master tuition fee.

Scholarships are awarded based on merit and on specific requirements indicated by the company funding the scholarship.

To apply for scholarships, candidates must:

* Complete and send the application on-line to the International Master in Tourism & Leisure
* Meet the requirements stated in the scholarship description
* Send all relevant documentation indicated in the scholarship description

Admission to the International Master in Tourism & Leisure program is independent from the scholarship process.
When outcomes for admissions are announced, candidates will be informed if they receive a scholarship and the amount.

The number of scholarships may increase. Periodic changes are listed on the website in this section.


* Italy
* Bulgaria
* Central and Eastern Europe
* Commonwealth of Independent States
* Croatia
* Romania
* Russia & Ukraine
* Serbia
* Slovenia
* Southeast Europe and Balkan Area
* Turkey


* China
* India


* Central - South America


* African Countries

For further information, please go to the scholarship link:


  1. Anonymous01:24

    Me Dipak Aryal from Nepal. I have passed Master Degree in ECONOMICS in 2005. Then after I am teaching as an Economics Lecture in College. In master level I have done thesis in Tourism. This time I would like to study in International Tourism and leisure. So please ...........
    Dipak Aryal

  2. Tourism has a comparative advantage in that its start up and running costs can be low
    compared to many other forms of industry development. It is also often one of the few realistic options for development in many areas.


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