International Global Health Scholarship

In an effort to further the educational component of our mission, the Center for Global Health supports students who exhibit outstanding academic records and a strong desire to pursue global health careers. Each year, eight or nine scholarships are awarded to incoming MPH, MHS, and MS students in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The scholarships are awarded through a competitive process and are open to all domestic and international students.

Apply for a Global Health Scholarship

There is not a separate application for the Global Health Scholarship. Instead, all admitted students into the Bloomberg School of Public Health are considered for the award. You can only be awarded the scholarship as a new student; returning students are not eligible. If you wish, you may mention your desire for the scholarship in your admissions essay. The scholarship covers full tuition for the 11-month MPH program and for one year of a two-year MHS or MS program.

Visit the official website here for further information


  1. Anonymous06:11

    Dear Sirs;
    It is very appreciated if MPH grant scholarship for Developing countries female Undergraduate students, because in Africa there is shortage of Health experts and providing this opportunity is solving one of social problem.

    Ms. Nurya Hasen

    E-mail: nurmy1@gmx.com

  2. Anonymous06:46

    Hi? I come from a very poor background, i had a C- in KCSE examinations, i have interntions to make my life better but im unable to even pay my school fees to start my Diploma. how would you help me.
    yours STEVE.
    my email address is stoki8k@yahoo.com

  3. ndem edwige05:29

    hi thanks

  4. Anonymous00:22

    I am an african woman with diploma and i have a place at University of South Africa distant learning to pursue a BA in Human and social studies specialization in community development. i dont have tution fees, can u help me? My time for registration is running out. i have tried applying for my work place but they said they do not have enough funds to sponsor me. My email address is floppychia4@gmail.com

  5. Anonymous05:04


    Iam a Bachelor'Degree hold in Economics,wanted to pursue Masters level in development related matters.can you help me to achieve this objective. my email: benovix@yahoo.co.uk

    thank you

  6. Anonymous07:40

    hi i am a Kenyan with a diploma in laboratory technology and wish to purse further in related fields,either in medical microbiology,immunology or public health but currently am unable to further due to financial problem and need your help.
    my email:dawnlojr@yahoo.com

  7. Anonymous04:31

    Dear Sir/Ma
    I am a Nigerian and a graduate. I have B.Sc in Psychology and will like to do public health. I am interested in this program but dont know how to apply for it. please do help me out.my email address is fadekeamodu@gmail.com

  8. Anonymous01:11

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am John Kuot, African Student.
    A medical student from Southern Sudan in Uganda's Kampala International University Western-Campus, in third year second term.
    And now took a dead term till April and I donnot yet got job to help me pay off the terms a head my course. I need help for my profession have greater need back in my new country to become on 9th July 2011.
    I will be more than great and glad if you can sponsor me complete by Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBcHB).
    For further quiry;
    My contacts are: johnkuot@gmail.com/k_mawet89@yahoo.com/+256711547578 (Uganda line)/+249907736046/+249955543280 (Sudan line)

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  10. Anonymous21:49

    I am a 24 year old Kenyan male. I finished my Diploma in clinical medicine and community health in June 2009 from Uganda. I came back to Kenya and started my internship in December 2010. However applied for a Degree in medicine and surgery in Kampala international University and by God's grace received the admission letter for April 26th 2011. I am a first born of five in an average family , 2 of us are in the university as private students. This becomes a great challenge to my parents who are to pay for my tuition,they may not able to afford approximate of 5,500 dollars every academic year for 5 and a half years considering the demand all of us have put on them. I will be more than happy to see my dream come to pass. I desperately need a sponsor to help my parents take me to school. God less you so much.

    Darwin Ambuka
    E-mail, darwinah1@yahoo.co.uk
    Phone +254725300928

  11. Anonymous03:10

    I am a 23 year old female from Nepal and have completed by bachelors in public health. I am very much inetrested in doing my masters in public health and i need a scholarship as i am unable to afford the fees.
    Please help me out.
    Machhindra Basnet
    E-mail address: pranms_life4@hotmail.com

  12. Anonymous09:48

    Hai...I am currently doing my Dip.In.Pharmacy in malaysia.....and now am keen to pursue my degree through scholarships....It will be nice if you can provide some informations regarding about scholarships to study my B.Pharm....Is this something regarding to that??
    Dinesh Shankar
    E-mail add- dinesh.rama@yahoo.com

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