Aysegul Arsoy MBA Scholarship 2011

Sabancı University has dedicated an annual MBA scholarship in honor of the late Mrs. Aysegul Arsoy in memory of her contributions during the founding of the University. Mrs. Aysegul Arsoy was a long time proponent of the University, both during its inception and design process. Mrs. Arsoy possessed a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University, a MSc degree in Industrial Administration from Purdue University, and was a PhD student at Bogazici University.

Aysegul Arsoy scholarship is granted by faculty for one of the MBA students each year.

This scholarship includes tuition fee exemption, monthly stipend payment between September-June, free housing (in double room) or if the student lives off campus a monthly transportation support for ten months and book support up to 200$ annually.

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