Singapore Scholarship 2012

Singapore Scholarship 2012 available for ASEAN students. The Singapore Scholarship 2012 for ASEAN Countries under the Singapore Cooperation Programme. Here, you will find information on the Singapore Scholarship in the following headings:

For more information about SIngapore Scholarship 2012, write to:

Singapore Scholarship
c/o Technical Cooperation Directorate
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Singapore 248 163
Tel: (65) 6379 8000
Fax: (65) 6479 3357
Email: mfa_scp@mfa.gov.sg

Application for the Singapore Scholarship for Academic Year 2011/2012 is now closed. Applications for Academic Year 2012/2013 will open in November 2011.

For futher information at Singapore Scholarship 2012 official website


  1. Hello, i would like to know more about the scholarship which open 2011-2012. How can I apply this ? what does the qualification that you need? please confirm me by this email : huoy.nay@gmail.com

  2. mandy01:30

    hello,i'm STPM leaver.How can i apply this??qualification??please confirm me by this email mandykmy@hotmail.my


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