UK Scholarship 2010/2011 from British Chevening

The Chevening scholarship program is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) through the British High Commission, Canberra and managed by the British Council. The program offers outstanding graduates and young professionals the opportunity to study at British universities.

Prizes will be purchased for a formal investigation by year for a postgraduate qualification or have to be followed for a shorter period of not less than three months of private study or research at a university or similar institution in Britain.

The award includes:

* A return flight in economy class in the United Kingdom by an Australian city
* All mandatory fees
* Monthly
* Allocation of book
* These allowances

Candidates must possess an undergraduate degree strong (the emphasis is on applications with the First or Second Class Honors). Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Chevening scholarships are aimed at a broad range of sectors and disciplines. Priority will be given in the following areas:

* Science and Innovation
* New and renewable energy and energy security
* Global Environmental Problems
* Political Science
* Sustainable development
* Human rights
* Political Science

Registration Deadline: October 18, 2009

Important information for all candidates

* • Applications for Chevening scholarships for study in the 2010/11 school year opened on Saturday 1st August The deadline for registration is Sunday, October 18th at midnight.
* • Applications will only be through the new online application will be accepted.
* • No end to these requests.
* • In your application you will be asked for contact information for a list of two referees. Note referees should be professional and / or academic.
* • A medical form is required if one was granted.

For more information and scholarship application


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