University Saint Malaysia (USM) Scholarships

The USM Fellowship is awarded to outstanding postgraduate students who have a passion for research and are able to demonstrate leadership qualities and soft skills that will benefit their School/Centre of Excellence.

Information about eligibilities, application process, terms of the award, benefits, and responsibilities, are as follows:

Are you eligible for the USM Fellowship?

Current postgraduate student of University Sains Malaysia (USM) or wish to do Master /Phd in full time research mode with USM
Application for Masters must have a Bachelor’s Degree with Hons.(CGPA = 3.00) or equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government
Application for Doctorate must have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government and a Master’s Degree (CGPA = 3.00) or equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government
Not a recipient of any financial support

For further information, please visit: http://www.ips.usm.my/page.php?file=admit/fellwshp.html


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  2. mending di Indo aja sob daripada di Malingsia ..... FUCK U University Saint Malaysia

  3. After Undip has rejected some Malaysians wanting to study there, I suppose Malaysia is kind enough not to prevent us from applying at its colleges and universities.

  4. @ocim: Pure academicians do not recognize misleading prejudice, negative prejudgment.

  5. Iya mendingan indo aja, dari pada malaysia :)

  6. Thank you Akhlis for your recommendation.
    I still explore anything about scholarship. Wish the best for my scholarship blog. I hope can help many people to find the best education/school for them.

  7. @Hitler and Ocim....blog ini ditujukan untuk semua umat manusia yang membutuhkan pendidikan, apalagi yang gratis. Orang yang punya semangat belajar, pasti memburu beasiswa ke luar negeri atau universitas yang terbaik. Soal, kenapa saya posting tentang USM, untuk memperkaya content, agar makin dilirik search engine, apalagi yang cari di "Google" orang-orang Malaysia, siapa tahu bisa masuk ke blog ini, kan memperbanyak traffic :)

  8. ya ga apa apa kalau mau sekolah ke luar negri , yang penting pada selamat dah disana, sampai sukses , dan bisa kembali ketanah air , supaya bisa membangun indonesia lebih maju , amiin


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