[Denmark] PhD Scholarships at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 2010

DTU offers PhD studentships 2010 in five programmes there are Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Electronics, Communication and Space Science, Construction, Production, Civil Engineering and Transport, and Life Science.

organized into five PhD programmes that may have different requirements. The programmes are made up of a number of participating DTU departments/PhD schools that have organized thematically around specific research fields.

PhD programme committees
Each PhD programme is overseen by a committee. One of the responsibilities of the committees is to ensure a high scientific standard and that each PhD student receives a comprehensive and well-integrated education.

Research Schools

Each PhD programme can have a number of research schools that cover a specific area. The specific research areas can be determined by scientific discipline, by application or method, or be determined by research objective and thus be multidisciplinary.

Individual PhD study plan
Each PhD student is enrolled under one of the five PhD programmes and will have to follow the particular set of regulations that apply to that programme. Each PhD student must have an approved study plan. The study plan must be approved by the PhD programme committee.

How soon can you begin?

You can be admitted as a PhD student at DTU at any time of the year. The PhD student may start in the month academic approval is given and when DTU’s Office for Budget and Accounting has approved the funding plan.

For further information please go to: http://www.dtu.dk/English/education/Phd_Education.aspx

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