EuroMaster Scholarship for Applicants from Any Fields

Vinifera EuroMaster offers a gateway to top level managerial positions such as : Directors/Managers of vine & wine estates & laboratories; cellar Managers; Consultants in enology; Auditors/Advisors in vineyard management; market & trade Consultants; research, teaching & lecturing.

Entry requirements

You must hold at least a Bachelor of Science (180 ECTS) in one of the following fields :
Agronomy / Agricultural Sciences
Plant Sciences & technologies
Food Sciences & technologies
Environmental Siences & Technologies
Agricultural Engineering
Food Engineering
Chemistry / Biochemistry
Life Sciences

Scholarship Deadline: 31 January 2011

Read further information at:


  1. how about economi management??

  2. Anonymous21:24

    How about psychology

  3. Anonymous07:47

    I have done my BS in biotechnology and informatics with 81%age can I apply for it

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  5. Anonymous06:18

    i would like to receive notification about the scholarship programme through my email, urchboy88@yahoo.com. THANK YOU.

  6. sesinyi23:30

    what about undergraduate courses?

  7. kind request would like food science scholarship any where in any college and country.notifaction through email,itongapatrick@yahoo.com.

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