Swiss Government scholarships for university, fine arts and music schools for foreign students for the academic year 2011-2012

The Swiss Government awards a range of scholarships to foreign students through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS): university scholarships (Swiss universities and Federal Institutes of Technology), arts scholarships (schools of music and fine arts) and scholarships for universities of applied sciences (UAS). These scholarships provide graduates from all fields with the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies or research in Switzerland at a public funded university or recognised institution.

Please use the drop-down menu below to see whether your country of origin is part of the Swiss government's scholarship scheme. You will also find the necessary information regarding eligibility criteria and the application procedure.

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  1. SOJAH p.FONCHAM01:50

    Greetings, I would like to scholarship for a degree in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, I am not a postgraduate yet but i do not have money to take me to the you University. I will really need your help.

  2. Hallo.I am called Quinter Nyambok.When i finished my o'level exams in 2007, my father who was my sponsor was attacked by a strange disease and has undergone four (4)stomach(intestine) operations and the disease is not seen.This made me stop my studies and the doctors still say that he need to go for another operation. I am the first girl in our family and now all eyes are on me. Please i beg on you to help me get this scholarship so that i would one day assist my ailing father and the whole family.Thank you and may God bless you . E-mail quinter2011@yahoo.co.uk

  3. Much greetings. I am Isaiah Ochieng from Kenya.I underwent a Diploma course in Human Resource Management in the year 2003. I have desired to do undergraduate course in Personnel management and i have no funds. I kindly request you to help me undertakke this course.Please, i need your assistance.Thank you.E-mail; adina_ochieng@yahoo.co.uk

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  5. Anonymous06:52

    Hi Friends,
    Iam Mike Taban from South Sudan.I did Natural Resources and Environmental studies in Juba university.I graduated with 3.35 Distinction.Currently,iam an employee but seeking further studies more specially in this field of Natural Resources in order to work hard for the improvement of the challenging environmental disaster we went through during the war,and to work hand in hand with our Goverment and the grass roots for sustainable development.Our nation is still young and it require collective efforts and ssistances to bring it up.I can carter for my feeding,and accommodation,if only my scholastic fees can be paid.
    Mike Taban.

  6. MY name is Obed Asamoah from Ghana west Africa. I read renewable natural resources and specialized in forestry management. I want to further my education but lack of funds and I am this opportunity to seek for funds to help me further my education so that three and forest management will be protected because it is said that the last plant dies the last animal also dies. I therefore provide my email address and my phone number
    Hopping to hear from you

  7. Anonymous02:08

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to apply for the admissions into the BA in Music at your college, I have a MalawianSchool Certificate in Education, I also have a considerable knowledge in Pianos(keyboards skills) and bass guitar, apart from that, I have a work experience in Music Production for six years, using the digital equipment and with following softwares; Sonar Producer Edition, Propellerhead Reason Software, CubaseAdobe Audition, Cakewalk Pro Audios, and FL Studios.

    I have produced two CDs for myself to my credit apart from various projects of people. Currently I am studying a Diploma in Christian Missions which is to be completed in November 2011 in Zambia, at ProChristo College of Missions, (Kabwe)

    I am applying because I want to advance myself in this field with good academic background; hence I am choosing your College and would be able to perform to my standard for your satisfaction and mine as well despite any challenge of the course.

    Your favorable considerations would be highly sought,

    Yours faithfully

    Wilbroad Msiska

    C/O Dr & Mrs. Muyangana

    P.O. Box 80121, Nehru Close 9, Kabwe, Zambia.

  8. send the list of scholarship in Radiography

  9. please do kindly send me the list of scholarship in Radiography


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  12. Anonymous03:42

    im faraz ahmed rajper from pakistan, Willing to do M.phil in degree in sociology , so please issue me full scholorship


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