Bursaries for International Students 2012

Bursary region: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan
Bursary study area: IT, Business, Liberal Arts, Justice, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Design, Robotics & Mechatronics, Community Development
Bursary admission period: For commencement in 2012

Bursary conditions:
1. Proof of citizenship or permanent residency of a country included in the ‘bursary region’
The bursary is not transferrable to another Chisholm course or to another student
2. Acceptance in a ‘bursary study area’ 2 year course for the ‘bursary admission period’
3. The student must maintain satisfactory progression and attendance throughout the duration of the course
4. The bursary is not redeemable for a full or partial cash refund
5. No deferments permitted. Deferments due to additional English training are accepted.
6. Students must ensure they pay the balance of their tuition fees by the due date
7. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progression
Bursary value:
Each bursary recipient will be awarded a total of AUD$10,000. a
AUD$5,000 to be allocated to first year fees. AUD$5,000 applied to second year fees upon confirmation of meeting the bursary conditions
Bursary Selection Criteria:
The following criteria will be used to determine bursary allocation. The primary selection criteria is academic merit. Only applicants with a high level of academic achievement should apply.

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